Reflections from the nine month mark

I recently submitted my third quarter reflection to the Watson Foundation, and I only have three months left of my Watson year. I also graduated from Wesleyan University about a year ago. It’s hard to believe; time moves in strange ways when you’re constantly immersed in the unknown. Here are my reflections from my third… Continue reading Reflections from the nine month mark

There’s a map for that

Hola de mi casa en Buenos Aires! It has been awhile since I’ve checked in, but I’ve been busy navigating the exciting capital of Argentina, trying to disguise myself as a Porteña. Che, me llamo Mica y estoy tomando mate (llamo is pronounced sha-mo of course). However, my absence is no commentary on the cooperative… Continue reading There’s a map for that

Barcelona’s Solidarity Economy Festival, also known as My Happy Place

So far on my Watson, nothing has happened in its planned order. Basque Country came before Barcelona and Barcelona stretched into a two-month stay (sorry Andalucia). However, I recently found myself in exactly the right place at the right time. My last full weekend in Barcelona happened to coincide with the city’s Fira d’Economia Solidària… Continue reading Barcelona’s Solidarity Economy Festival, also known as My Happy Place

“Els carrers seran sempre nostres”

I don’t want to attempt to write the history of Catalonia or summarize Catalan independence politics. Choose your favorite news source and I guarantee they’ll be at least one article explaining the economic and cultural reasoning behind the referendum or the increasingly strange series of events that has taken place over past two weeks. But… Continue reading “Els carrers seran sempre nostres”

GoiEner: Power to the People

Last month, I was able to spend two weeks in San Sebastián (or Donostia in Basque), a beach town that looked and felt surprisingly similar to the northern suburbs of my hometown, San Diego. San Sebastián’s population swells in the summer and the narrow streets of la Parte Vieja are full of tourists and vacationers… Continue reading GoiEner: Power to the People

Hace demasiado calor en Barcelona…

… and everyone is on vacation! So I decided to travel north. The Watson is all about flexibility and learning how to make Plan B work as well as Plan A. Barcelona is a wonderful, vibrant city, and Catalonia is home to nearly 3,000 worker cooperatives, but my original plan to spend August there didn’t make… Continue reading Hace demasiado calor en Barcelona…

Who? What? And Why?

Hello! Welcome to my blog where I will meditate on my experience traveling the world for a year. As a 2017-2018 Watson Fellow, I will visit cooperatives in six countries (Spain, Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand, Germany, Canada) to explore how they succeed and when they fall short. While I see cooperatives as a revolutionary and… Continue reading Who? What? And Why?